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CAMB’s Professional Staff

CAMB members are encouraged to contact the Association’s state office for assistance or information. Whether it’s a question about activating one of your member benefits, attending an educational program, current legislative activity, or any other topic, our professional CAMB staff at Association Resource Center are available to help.

Many members want to know the most direct route to finding assistance; we thought we would give you an overview of job titles and responsibilities. Next time you call CAMB, refer to this list and get the best response as quickly as possible!

Who To Contact At CAMB

CAMB Telephone Number

(916) 448-8236

CAMB Fax Number

(916) 448-8237

CAMB General Information Email

CAMB Advertising Information for Mortgage Matters (only)
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(916) 990-9999 (not the CAMB office)
(916) 990-9991 (not the CAMB fax)
CAMB Media Relations
Randle Communications

(916) 448-5802

CAMB Legislative Chair
Michael Faust

(916) 791-3760 x225

CAMB Staff

Karen Polastri – Executive Director

Steve Hamilton – Executive Vice President

Karen Balsley – Receptionist

Jonathan Barnato – Director of Government Affairs
Tracy Brown – Art Director/Web Master

Deidre Bryant – Member/Education Director

Barbara Cox – Receptionist
Samantha DeMelo – Communications/
Marketing Coordinator
Kevin Kilkenny – Legislative Coordinator

Kim Pitts – Staff Accountant
Barbra Provencher – Accounting
Shannon Rutledge – Executive Assistant/
Member Services Associate
Sue Sherman – Chapters Connect/
Database & IT Coordinator
Erin Grigat- Meetings & Events Coordinator/
Member Services Associate

Sheree Toller – Administrative Assistant
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Accounts Payable/Receivable

Kim Pitts

ACT Database

Sue Sherman


Kevin Kilkenny


Karen Polastri/Barbara Provencher
Awards Task Force

Karen Polastri

Best Practices Committee

Karen Polastri/Jonathan Barnato

Board Meetings

Shannon Rugledge

Board of Directors and Executive Committee Liaison

Karen Polastri/Deidre Bryant

Bylaws questions

Karen Polastri/Deidre Bryant
Chapters Connect

Sue Sherman
Chapter Development and Training Committee

Deidre Bryant/Karen Polastri

Chapter Coordinator Liaison

Deidre Bryant

Chapter Presidents Liaison

Karen Polastri

Communications and Editorial Committee

Samantha DeMelo/Tracy Brown

Community Service Committee

Samantha DeMelo/Karen Polastri

Convention – general questions/registration

Sheree Toller/Erin Grigat

Convention – golf tournament; PAC auction

Kevin Kilkenny

Convention – planning; sponsorships

Erin Grigat/Karen Polastri

Convention – volleyball tournament

Samantha DeMelo/Karen Polastri

Education, including Education Committee

Deidre Bryant/Samantha DeMelo

Event Sponsorship

Erin Grigat/Karen Polastri

Expense Reimbursements

Barbara Provencher

Finance Committee

Barbara Provencher/Karen Polastri

Legislative Committee and Support

Jonathan Barnato/Kevin Kilkenny

Master Calendar

Samantha DeMelo

Media Relations

Randle Communications

Membership Benefits

Shannon Rutledge/Sheree Toller/Deidre Bryant

Membership Committee

Deidre Bryant

Membership – New and Renewing

Deidre Bryant/Shannon Rutledge

Mortgage Industry — general questions
(e.g., how do I become a mortgage broker?)

Kevin Kilkenny/Jonathan Barnato

Mortgage Matters (CAMB magazine), except advertising

Samantha DeMelo

Mortgage Matters – Advertising
Download Media Kit (word doc)

Association Outsource Services

NAMB Membership and Education Relations

Deidre Bryant

NAMB State Affiliate Relations

Karen Polastri

New and Prospective Members

Shannon Rutledge/Deidre Bryant/Sheree Toller

PAC Trustees

Jonathan Barnato/Kevin Kilkenny

Past Presidents Council

Karen Polastri

Policy Issues for CAMB

Steve Hamilton/Karen Polastri

Public Relations Committee

Karen Polastri/Samantha DeMelo

Sales & Marketing Conference

Ava Snider

Statewide Affiliate Advisory Committee

Deidre Bryant

Web Site Advertising and Updates

Tracy Brown